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Clear Coat Car Paint



Screenshot from the glTF Sample Viewer with the Wide Street environment light.


This model is a sphere using the glTF extension KHR_materials_clearcoat overtop a car paint base material.

The base material is meant to mimic the scattering from micro flakes such as used in some car paints.

The model uses a single bitmap for the normal bump texture with a random per-pixel noise pattern, and the glTF extension KHR_texture_transform to increase bump tiling.

bump texture

The normal bump texture, enlarged 200% to show detail.

Roughness was increased to 0.4 to scatter the reflected light and to provide a contrast with the clear coat layer which uses zero Roughness. Metalness was set arbitrarily to a partial value of 0.3 to increase the specularity of the base material.

License Information

CC0, No Rights Reserved, Model and texture created by Eric Chadwick.