Orientation Test Recursive Skeletons Rigged Figure

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Recursive Skeletons




This model demonstrates tow things:

  • Reusing the same mesh multiple times by multiple skins.
  • Binding multiple skins to a single skeleton.

The model has:

  • 1 scene
  • 1 mesh
  • 4 large skeleton armatures
  • 84 skin bindings.

Bones and Skins rigging

Each skin attaches the same mesh to different lengths of the skeletons, so we have 21 skins bound to multiple lengths of each skeleton.

Using skinning in this way might be seen by some as abusing the glTF format, but it's actually very useful in some circumstances, and can be used by game engines as a stress test on how to handle uncommon, -but valid- skinned meshes.


The model includes a simple animation where each of the 4 columns twists over a different axis, propagating the affect to the attached child skeletons.

License Information

Copyright 2021 SharpGLTF CC-BY 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ Model by Vicente Penades.